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Uttarayan And Dakshinayan Dates 2022, Why Uttarayan Is Celebrated? What Is The Period Of Uttarayan?


Uttarayan is a widely known Hindu pageant. People collect in massive numbers on terraces in January to fly kites of assorted colours to have fun Uttrayan, the return of the Sun after the chilly winter months. It is an indication for farmers that the Sun has returned and that harvest season is approaching, and it is named Makara Sankranti. This pageant is thought to be one among India’s most essential harvest days.

Uttarayan Meaning In English

The time period Uttarayan additionally spelled Uttarayana, consists of two Sanskrit phrases, “Uttara” and “Ayana,” the primary of which suggests north and the latter motion. Uttarayan, also called Makar Sankranti, is devoted to Lord Surya. Uttarayan is the transit of the Sun from Gemini to Capricorn. Dakshinayan is the transit of the Sun from Cancer to Sagittarius. It lasts from the day after the winter solstice in January till June.

Significance Of Uttarayan

Uttarayan begins on January 14. Makar Sankranti is well known in North India when the Sun enters Makar Rashi or Capricorn signal. In Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra, it is named Uttarayan. The similar interval is known as Pongal in Tamil Nadu and Maghi in Haryana and Punjab. Beginning on at the present time of Uttarayan, the times turn into longer, and the nights turn into shorter. The day of Uttarayan is taken into account very auspicious as a result of it’s the daytime of the “Devas” or Gods, so beginning any new work, enterprise, yajna, vow, marriages, and many others., is taken into account very auspicious and fruitful. In Gujarat, the kite pageant is held on Uttarayan day. Kites can cowl the skies over Ahmedabad, Surat, and Vadodara.

Uttarayan Dates 2022

The Uttarayana interval begins with Makar Sankranti, which is Devas’ daytime.

  • Uttarayan 2022 will happen on Friday, January 14, 2022.

  • Moment of Uttarayan Sankranti – 02:43 PM

  • Date of Makar Sankranti 2022 – Friday, January 14, 2022

Dakshinayan Dates 2022

Dakshinayana begins in Tamil Nadu in the course of the month of Aadi. There is a perception to people who Lord Vishnu sleeps throughout this time of Dakshinayan, and the Ekadasi previous Karka Sankranti is named Devshayani Ekadashi. There are two strategies for calculating the Sun’s motion. Dakshinayana begins within the Drika Siddhanta methodology when the sayana solar enters most cancers, and a few regional calendars comply with this methodology. Dakshinayana begins on June 21, 2022, on this system. However, most Hindus in South India adhere to the Nirayana System, and Dakshinayana begins when ‘nirayana surya’ enters most cancers. Dakshinayana begins on July 16, 2022, on this system.

Why Uttarayan Is Celebrated?

This pageant is held to honor Surya Devta or the Sun God. Farmers throughout India specific their gratitude to the Sun god and want for a bountiful harvest. Did that Makar Sankranti is named Uttarayan in Gujarat and Rajasthan, and Maghi in Haryana and Punjab? Makar Sankranti is named Makaravilakku in Kerala.

History Of Uttarayan

According to legend, Sankranti was a deity who killed the demon Sankarasur. In India, it’s a date when the Sun begins to maneuver north, because the Sun was shining on the southern hemisphere earlier than Makar Sankranti. The Hindus contemplate this to be the uttarayan or auspicious interval. Bhishma Pitamah, in response to the Mahabharata, waited for the Sun to be in uttarayan earlier than embracing demise.

Uttarayan And Dakshinayan

The distinction between Uttarayan and Dakshinayan is defined intimately right here. The Sun’s motion northward is known as Uttarayan. Dakshinayan includes three seasons: winter, autumn, and monsoon. Summer Solstice is also called Uttarayan, and Winter Solstice is also called Dakshinayan. Uttarayan is split into three seasons: winter, spring, and summer time. Dakshinayan consists of winter, autumn, and monsoon, and Uttarayan is related to Positivity, whereas Dakshinayan is related to Negativity. Uttarayan has longer days and shorter nights, whereas Dakshinayan has longer nights. Auspicious works are inspired throughout Uttarayan and discouraged throughout Dakshinayan. Uttarayan begins across the twenty second of December and lasts for six months till across the twenty first of June, whereas Dakshinayan begins across the twenty first or twenty second of June.

What Is The Period Of Uttarayan?

It happens between Makar Sankranti and Karka Sankranti. Uttarayan denotes motion to the north. This six-month interval represents a semantic of the Sun’s northward motion on the celestial hemisphere. Days are longer than nights throughout this time of yr.

What Is The Period Of Dakshinayan?

The six-month interval between the Summer and Winter solstices when the Sun travels south on the celestial sphere is named Dakshinayana. Dakshinayana begins on Karkada Sankranti, or July 16, to commemorate the Sun’s entry into Karkada Rashi.

Wishes for Uttarayan And Dakshinayan 2022

  1. I hope on this Makar Sankranti the Sun God showers his blessings on you and your loved ones. I pray that it marks the tip of difficulties and brings success, pleasure, and peace to your life.HappyUttarayan And Dakshinayan 2022!

  2. It’s time to benefit from the first pageant of the yr. Wishing you a affluent and pleasant Makar Sankranti!Happy Uttarayan And Dakshinayan 2022!

  3. Let’s come collectively and have fun at the present time of happiness. Let’s fly the kites and contact the skies of happiness.Happy Uttarayan And Dakshinayan 2022!

  4. Worship the Lord Sun and fly the kite with the intention to have fun the day, as that is the season of harvest.Happy Uttarayan And Dakshinayan 2022!

  5. I want that you just contact new heights similar to the kites on  Uttarayan, Happy Uttarayan, And Dakshinayan 2022!

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Uttarayan And Dakshinayan Dates 2022 – FAQ

1. Why will we have fun the Uttarayan pageant?

This pageant is well known to worship Surya Devta or Sun god. Farmers throughout India pay their gratitude to the Sun god and want for a superb crop. Did , Makar Sankranti is named Uttarayan in Gujarat and Rajasthan whereas in Haryana and Punjab the pageant is named Maghi.

2. What is the interval of Uttarayan?

This motion begins to happen a day after the winter solstice in December, which happens round 22 December and continues for a six-month interval by way of to the summer time solstice round June 21 (dates fluctuate).

3. Why will we have fun Uttarayan?

The pageant of Uttarayan marks the day when winter begins to show into summer time, in response to the Indian calendar. It is the signal for farmers that the solar is again and that harvest season, Makara Sankranti/Mahasankranti, is approaching.

4. What is the rationale for Uttarayan and Dakshinayan?

During Dakshinayan, the sky is crammed with clouds. In phrases of sadhana, Dakshinayana is for purification. Uttarayan is for enlightenment. So, now it’s clear that Uttarayan is the motion of Sun from South to North and simply reverse is the Dakshinayan.

5. Which God is Worshipped on Uttarayan?

The solar god is worshipped with sweets, devotion, and khichdi. In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, it was famous that King Bhishma was given the boon of selecting his personal time and day of demise. He waited for Makar Sankranti to ask for demise to return. Uttarayan declares the onset of spring and the harvest season.

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