EXCLUSIVE – According to a doc from a supply inside Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), practically half of border patrol brokers haven’t registered their COVID-19 vaccination standing, and ten p.c of those that have registered have but to obtain a jab. In a worst-case situation, the federal vaccine mandate might outcome within the termination of over half of the border patrol brokers, amid an already devastating border disaster.

“You’re going to take an agency that’s already gone through an unbelievable catastrophic crisis on the southwest border and deplete its resources further,” Mark Morgan, who served because the chief working officer of CBP from 2019 to 2021, advised Fox News. Morgan, now a visiting fellow on the Heritage Foundation, obtained a doc from a supply inside CBP, a screenshot displaying the quantity of border patrol brokers who’ve but to report their vaccination standing.


Customs and Border Patrol screenshot provided by source

Customs and Border Patrol screenshot offered by supply
(Customs and Border Patrol)

According to the doc, as of October 25, 2021, 48% of border patrol brokers haven’t responded to the reporting mandate. Of the 52% who had reported their vaccination standing, 90% reported having acquired one or more COVID-19 jabs.

CBP laid out three situations concerning the officers who’ve but to report their standing. The vaccine mandate might not improve attrition from Fiscal Year 2021 ranges (situation 1), through which case the company would lose about 1,130 brokers, dropping the pressure of 19,536 to 18,403. Alternately, brokers who haven’t but responded could have gotten vaccinated on the similar fee as those that have responded (situation 2), so the company would lose 3,084 brokers, leaving the pressure with 16,452 brokers.

In the worst-case situation, brokers who haven’t reported their standing have carried out so as a result of they refuse to take the jab, and so they are going to be terminated (situation 3). In that case, internet attrition could exceed 11,523 brokers, leaving a mere 8,013 border brokers on patrol.

In different phrases, the vaccine mandate and the traditional fee of attrition could cost CBP a whopping 59% of its border patrol brokers – within the center of a border disaster.


Vaccine reporting charges are greater for different components of CBP, and CBP tasks that will probably be in a position to rent between 1,100 and 1,657 border patrol brokers within the coming yr. While different sections of CBP will be capable to rent sufficient workers to exchange departing officers in situations 1 and a pair of, the company won’t be able to rent sufficient border patrol brokers to deal with even situation 2, the most certainly situation.


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In the worst-case situation, even when CBP can rent 1,657 border patrol brokers, that will solely deliver the numbers as much as 9,670 – 49% of the present pressure. Even in situation 2, with a excessive fee of hiring, CBP will solely hold 92.7% of its brokers over the approaching yr.

CBP didn’t confirm or contest the numbers within the doc, and it didn’t ship Fox News any up to date figures. 

“Federal agencies, including CBP, are laser-focused on vaccinating their workforce ahead of the November 22nd deadline for Federal employees,” CBP spokesperson Tammy T. Melvin advised FOX Business in a press release. “Like other Federal agencies, we are continuing to collect vaccination information from employees as we approach the deadline.”

The doc “illustrates the potential impact that this mandate could have on the workforce,” Morgan advised Fox News. He famous that if border patrol brokers refuse to register their vaccination standing by November 9 deadline, they face counseling, then suspension, then termination.

Morgan stated it will be “safe” to imagine that almost all of the brokers who have not registered have however taken a COVID-19 jab, however he famous that if the proportion who have not reported stays regular, “tens of thousands are all going to receive formal counseling.” About 10,283 CBP workers have but to report their vaccination standing, in accordance with the doc.

U.S. authorities detained more than 1.7 million migrants on the U.S.-Mexico border in the course of the 2021 fiscal yr, which led to September, in accordance with CBP knowledge beforehand reported by Fox News. This set a report excessive, surpassing the 1.69 million arrests border patrol made in 1986. Furthermore, former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott stated that CBP witnessed “over 400,000 documented got-aways” during the last fiscal yr.

Mark Morgan (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Mark Morgan (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

“So, an agency that is dealing with 1.7 million apprehensions, 400,000 got-aways, at that very moment, the same resources are going to be pulled away and distracted to deal with this mandate nonsense,” Morgan stated. He famous that the counseling includes “critical resources,” as a result of border patrol management is concerned. 

“It’s a cumbersome process and it’s an unneeded unnecessary distraction while they’re overwhelmed and our border is out of control,” he added.

Morgan famous that the Biden administration releases unlawful immigrants with out requiring them to take the vaccine.

“An illegal immigrant doesn’t get the vaccine and they’re released,” he stated. “A border patrol agent doesn’t get the vaccine and they’re removed. On what planet does that make sense?”

Morgan famous that unfastened border enforcement allows criminals, medicine, and potential terrorists to cross the border, together with unlawful immigrants. By undermining border safety, the Biden administration is “jeopardizing every aspect of our country’s public health, safety, and national security,” he stated.

Vaccine mandates have led police and firefighters to show of their badges and boots in protest.