Video: News anchor Alison Steinberg has a meltdown over a Pride Flag


News anchor Alison Steinberg went viral on social media for a video she posted on her Instagram under the username alisonwonderlandforever. In it, she appeared to have a meltdown over a Pride flag.

Several people on the internet have been reacting to Alison’s video which has now gone viral on social media.

People had been terribly upset by her response and didn’t admire coming all through a detrimental video all through Pride Month.

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What we study Alison Steinberg

Alison is a data contributor for  One America News (OAN). She was pretty energetic on social media equal to Instagram and TikTookay with the username alisonwonderlandforever.

Most of the time, Alison used her platform to specific her concepts on the current state of affairs. However, it appears her platforms have now been eradicated as they don’t appear when searched.

Alison has moreover expressed her disappointment over the rising prices of groceries and gases. She has been vocal about it and has moreover blamed President Joe Biden and his administration for a comparable. To add to this, Alison has moreover had sturdy opinions regarding the LGBTQ+ neighborhood supporting Ukraine.

Her video goes viral on social media

In the video, which is no longer accessible on Instagram nevertheless has been shared intently on Twitter, Alison might be seen expressing her anger after coming all through a Pride Flag all through her go to to Huntington Beach, California.

The data contributor mentioned that town is of the “good ol’ fashioned, hard-working American people!” Alison made it clear throughout the video that the one flag she wanted to see was the American flag. Calling the Pride Flag a “disgrace” to city, Alison mentioned that she wanted the flag gone.

She then added: “Make Huntington Beach great again!” It didn’t take prolonged for people to specific their anger in path of the video with many slamming the knowledge contributor and even tagging OAN to take some movement. As of now, neither Alison nor OAN has broken their silence over the viral video.

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What has she acknowledged about Ukraine and the LGBTQ+ neighborhood?

This isn’t the first time Alison has made headlines. In the earlier, Alison caught the attention of many when she mentioned that supporting Ukraine was “gay.”

While exhibiting on OAN, Alison was vocal about her concepts and acknowledged: “If the LGBTQ+ crew is trying to indicate that supporting Ukraine is gay, I might be in agreeance with them there,” as reported by Yahoo.

However, she quickly mentioned that she had been kidding.

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