Vulnerable man living with raw sewage leaking from toilet pipe for three YEARS in disgusting council flat


A VULNERABLE man has been living with raw sewage leaking from a toilet pipe for three YEARS in a disgusting council flat.

Doug, who lives in Sheffield, is pressured to go away his home each morning for all the day to keep up away from the horrific circumstances he lives in.

A susceptible man has been living in squalor in his council flatCredit: MEN Media
Raw sewage has been leaking into his home for three years
Raw sewage has been leaking into his dwelling for three years
He leaves his flat all day to avoid the disgusting conditions
He leaves his flat all day to keep up away from the disgusting circumstancesCredit: MEN Media

But now he’s lastly receiving assist after good samaritan Paddy McNally observed Doug strolling spherical Walkley continuously.

Paddy educated Yorkshire Live: “I keep in Walkley and I had seen this fella merely traipsing about all through the property and he appeared actually drawn, unhappy and on no account frequent.

“So I began saying hiya to him and eventually he stopped and had a chat with me and I’d inform immediately that he had some kind of psychological successfully being matter.

“I got talking to him and after a few weeks he approached me and asked if I knew anyone that could fix a leak in his flat. He said that it had been going on for three years.

“I’m an electrician and I’ve achieved quite a few plumbing as accurately so I educated him that I’d come and take a look and restore it for him if I’d.

“When I went into the flat I was just so shocked by how horrific it was and how much damage the leaking and cracked soil pipe had caused. No one should be living in conditions like that.”

Paddy started to contact Sheffield Council on behalf of Doug, in the hopes that they might restore the issue.

But he claims that the council educated him that the disgusting leak was not their obligation and that it’s the leaseholders of the upstairs flat who’re accountable.

Paddy stated: “It has been horrible for Doug, its not simple to remain in a flat like that.

“He had been leaving each morning, traipsing in regards to the streets and getting himself a chippy for his dinner after which coming as soon as extra late at night time merely to get out of there.

“I told the council that they had a duty of care to sort out the flat as he isn’t in a position where he can’t talk to upstairs and the leaseholders as he is vulnerable.”

Now work has lastly begun on the flat – and the lavatory, kitchen and three partitions needed to be gutted because of harm.

With no water or electrical vitality in the flat, Doug is now staying in a resort.

Paddy stated: “He’s actually not had a simple time these previous few years, notably for anybody who’s susceptible like that.

“I merely assume he seems like he has been uncared for in the chilly and that no particular person cares about him.

“The support from his doctors ended due to Covid and he has been forced to live in shocking conditions.

“Hopefully we can now get him sorted.”

Sheffield City Council has been approached for a remark.

Work is now being carried out in his flat
Work is now being carried out in his flatCredit: MEN Media

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