WATCH: Who Is The Mother of CHRISLAND SCHOOL GIRL? What Happened To Her Daughter, Chrisland School Scandal Full Video!


The girl who was gang-raped, her mother report a video and want help from people. the video is getting heaps of consideration from social media and the net world. Everyone needs to know what the true matter is. It tried to hunt out out the true issue by shopping the net and social media. the lady was acknowledged to be e assaulted by some male school college students. the mother of that girl acknowledged that her daughter went on a go to which was organized by her college to Dubai. Some of the male school college students try and rape her. she moreover complained to the faculty. So preserve linked to Our article we’re proper right here to give you every potential notion into this instance. Follow Our website for the newest updates!!!!!

Who Is Mother of Chrisland School Girl?

Who Is Mother of Chrisland School Girl?

But the faculty division did not take any sturdy movement regarding this matter. Instead of some movement that tries to you pretty my daughter. the faculty administration moreover gives her a letter of resignation. Individuals and the social media world take curiosity on this matter they often have to know the true situation and what was the exact matter. According to the video which was posted by the teenage girl’s mother. So on that video, she acknowledged that her daughter was gang-raped by some of the male school college students on the journey which was organized by her college. She extra acknowledged that my daughter revealed to me that when they go for breakfast inside the morning. At that time one of the students ask her to supply him her charger because of this of his charger was not working. the lady gives him the phone charger.


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Chrisland School Scandal Video

After that, when the dinner happen, the male pupil generally known as her into their room to get once more her charger. nevertheless when she is going to get inside the room. one of the folks from them acknowledged take your charger from the Washroom. she is going to get inside the washroom to take her charger, nevertheless for the time being they cowl her and try and contact her. moreover they try and rape her in that washroom. the lady was completely depressed now, she don’t know what was occurred to her. Her mother acknowledged that she was invited by the faculty for some interrogation and a gathering regarding this incident. the faculty administration did not inform her what was this meeting for.

Chrisland School Dubai Leaked Viral Video

The headteacher of the faculty Mrs. Azike, calls the mother of the lady. the lady’s father acknowledged that after I get into the room there are 2 further females in that room. The title of the first girl was acknowledged to be Mrs. Kemi. the coach acknowledged that they every come from Chrisland headquarters. the mother of the teenage girl, asks them is there any downside? they reply no.  after that day acknowledged that your daughter kissed a boy and the boy moreover kissed her on the journey to Dubai. the mother acknowledged I don’t know what are you talking about she is simply not that kind of girl. the administration acknowledged this was happen as soon as they the carried out reality and dare recreation. The headteacher Mrs. Azike, moreover acknowledged that don’t reveal this incident to your husband.

After all of this meeting, the mother acknowledged they took my daughter for some Harsh interrogation. they did not even take my approval. they try and threaten her and set don’t dare to you inform this incident to anyone in another case we rusticate you from our school and your all analysis will omit perpetually. my daughter will get scared. so she did not inform me one thing about this. The college administration moreover takes her for a gestation check out the sunshine to my daughter and acknowledged that they’ve been going for a cover check out. this all check out happen just about thrice. Now the faculty ship us a suspension letter for my daughter, I would like help from all of you people. the mother acknowledged in her video.

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