What does ‘sky blue french tip 1.5’ imply on TikTok?


A model new nail sample goes viral on TikTok and it’s sophisticated everyone.

Last 12 months, girls had been asking their boyfriend what coloration nails they should get to see in the event that they’d reply with the frequent reply ‘light blue’.

All boys seem to tell their girlfriends to get gentle blue nails in response to TikTok, and that’s actually a emblem to level out that you just simply’re in a relationship.

If you get gentle blue nails, it implies that you’ve acquired a significant completely different and is a technique of telling others that you just’re formally taken, apparently.

Now, a model new nail involving ‘sky blue French tip 1.5’ nails has gone viral, nonetheless what does it imply? Read on to look out out…

‘Sky blue french tip 1.5’ sample goes viral

On TikTok, a model new sample goes viral that sees males telling their girlfriend to get a specific nail design, ‘sky blue french tip 1.5 inch’.

“She asked me what colour nails she should get so I told her ‘french tip sky blue 1.5’ now I’m blocked,” one particular person wrote.

Another said: “Next time she ask for a nail colour say ‘sky blue french tip 1.50’ and wait for a reaction.”

“Next time yo girl ask you what colour nails tell her ‘french tip sky blue 1.5 inch’ see wha she say,” a third particular person added.

The films started going viral in June and some have had over 400,000. People clearly uncover them fully hilarious – nonetheless why?

The TikTok sample outlined

The sample is being utilized by boyfriends to prank their girlfriend into pondering they’ve cheated on them.

‘French tip sky blue 1.5’ is a extremely explicit nail design and most guys wouldn’t know what it means, so saying it can make their girlfriend suspicious.

Girls would rely on their boyfriend to say a simple coloration like ‘pink’ or ‘red’, so saying ‘french tip sky blue 1.5’ may make them assume that their boyfriend has been talking to a distinct girl.

Boys are joking that girls will block them or go crazy as they assume they’ve been unfaithful, however it’s all solely a silly TikTok prank.

It doesn’t actually make sense

In actuality, the sample doesn’t even make sense because of girls would not at all ask for 1.5 inch nails.

Sky blue and french tip are pretty believable, nonetheless boys are displaying their lack of nail data with the bizarre measurement.

When you go to a nail retailer, you don’t ask for a specific measurement in inches, you current them the scale you want, so the prank is pretty foolish.

In the suggestions, one fan wrote: “As a nail tech we don’t use 1.50. Say ‘get coffin with v-french tips.”

“Does anyone actually use the 1.50 because I never say a number I just show them what I want,” stated one other.

Well, that’s one different silly TikTok sample outlined!

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