What Happened Between Nipsey Hussle Wack 100? Twitter Claims They Tried Extorting 3 Way On Lauren London


Hassan Campell has made some outrageous statements within the course of Nipsey Hussle, Lauren London, Wack 100, and Big U. To as soon as extra it up, he revealed an audio observe whereby Wack discusses Nispey’s intercourse tape.

Big U and Wack 100, consistent with Campell, possessed a recording of Nipsey Hussle and one completely different man having intercourse with Nip’s toddler mother Lauren London.

The story unfold after Hassan Campbell revealed an audio observe of the three males discussing the subject.

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What Happened Between Nipsey Hussle, Wack 100, And Lauren London?

The state of affairs between the Nipsey Hussle, Wack 100, and the Lauren London began when Hassan Campbell launched an audio recording of the dialog. 

Campbell is the podcast host and he launched recordings of the senior music supervisor discussing a intercourse tape allegedly involving the late Nipsey. In the recording, we’re going to hear Nipsey, one completely different man, and the mom of Nipsey’s son Lauren.

This is all rumor and coming from Wack 100, and people often should not thrilled about it.

Campbell alleges he came upon concerning the audio after overhearing Nipsey’s outdated supervisor Big U and Wack 100 discussing it on a three-way cellphone dialog.

Campbell allegedly urged Wack 100 to not inform Big U he was on the cellphone, so he saved mute. What Campbell overheard was an alleged extortion plot involving Lauren London.

According to that audio, Big U and Wack possessed a recording of Hussle and one completely different man having intercourse with Hussle’s toddler mother Lauren. Hussle and the choice man on the clip acquired correct proper right into a heated argument.

On the tape, Wack 100 talked about that Nipsey was having sexual relations with a person and that he was “saving his career.” (*3*) he continued.

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Following the video’s virality, solutions poured in. Many followers slammed Wack 100 for making such costs, with out the proof.

Campell claims that after Hussle died, Big U and Wack 100 tried to make the most of the recording to blackmail London for 30 % of Nip’s inheritance.

Campbell launched a clip of Wack 100 discussing the tape. Wack claims he is guarding the recording. However, Campbell claims that Wack was concerned all through the conspiracy to extort London after Nipsey died. 

Relation Between Nipsey Hussle, Wack 100, And Lauren London

Nipsey Hussle was a preferred American rapper who emerged from the West Coast hip hop scene and independently launched his debut mixtape all through the mid-2000s. 

His debut mixtape was Slauson Boy Volume 1, to minor native success, which led to him getting signed to Cinematic Music Group and Epic Records.

Hussle rose to prominence alongside alongside along with his mixtapes, notably, the Bullets Ain’t Got No Name assortment, The Marathon, The Marathon Continues, and Crenshaw, the latter of which American rapper Jay-Z bought 100 copies for $100 apiece.

Moreover, he was in a relationship collectively collectively along with her accomplice Lauren London since 2013. The pair has an cute son collectively who was born in 2016. 

On the choice hand, Nipsey’s handler was Big U, a former Crip boss. However, when Nip died, there have been allegations of beef between Nipsey and Big U.

However, Big U furthermore disregarded any conspiracy theories concerning Nip’s homicide on Drink Champs. “We don’t have any beef.” Big U acknowledged, “Period.”

“We didn’t stop chatting. We didn’t go for two days without doing anything. We didn’t have anything, nothing, nothing. He contacted me all the way up until he landed a deal with Atlantic Records and said, ‘Unc, let’s go.”

He claims that the rumor was a way of incomes earnings off of his title and demise for varied of us.

Similarly, Wack 100 is one completely different well-known American rapper who’s assumed for his controversial nature. Wack’s title was all through the information attributable to his sturdy views on the ineffective L.A. rapper.

He steered TMZ following his demise why he would not assume Nipsey is a legend. “No, he wasn’t. What exactly is a legend? “Define a legend,” he suggested the press. “If Dr. Dre died proper now, we would say we would misplaced a legend, proper?”

“On what foundation? Isn’t it numbers? Isn’t it a physique of labor? Nipsey dropped what number of albums? Isn’t it only one album? This is not some private factor I’m speaking about, proper?”


Following Wack’s interview, netizens have been incensed with wrath in path of him. So, the tape the place Wack alleged Nipsey of being homosexual will not be going to be taken severely by his followers. 

You can uncover additional concerning the elements on Reddit and Youtube. 

Last Modified: April 21, 2022

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