What Happened To Kelley Stage Clayton? Murder For Hire Plot Of Golfer Thomas Clayton On Dateline


Kelley Clayton was a loving partner and mother of two youthful children. She was killed with a blunt object in her personal residence.

In September 2015, Thomas Clayton often known as 911 in a panic, which despatched police to his dwelling inside the small metropolis of Caton, New York. Inside, they found that his partner Kelley had been brutally killed.

The current “Dateline: The House in the Woods” on NBC News is a few disturbing case of murder-for-hire. The defendants had been found accountable largely because of proof that wasn’t straight in direction of them.

So, if you happen to want to know what occurred, we’ll inform you about it.

Kelley Stage Clayton

What Happened To Kelley Stage Clayton? Murder For Hire Mystery?

Just after midnight on September 29, 2015, Thomas went to buddy’s dwelling. When he received right here once more, Kelley was lifeless and lined in blood inside the kitchen. As shortly as he often known as 911, the police had been there right away.

Blunt drive badly injury the 35-year-old girl’s head and face. The police started an investigation after they observed that there was no proof of a break-in on the house.

The undeniable fact that Kelley was killed for money, then once more, didn’t seem very seemingly.

According to opinions, the actual particular person Thomas paid to kill his partner was an individual named Michael Beard.

Michael acknowledged that he killed Kelley with a maul take care of for $10,000 as shortly as he was put in jail. Later, he modified his story and acknowledged that Thomas had solely requested him to burn down the house, to not kill anyone.

Kelley Stage Clayton Husband Thomas Clayton Arrested For Killing Wife?

Thomas Clayton, who’s 44 years earlier, was caught and is now in Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, New York, serving a life sentence for first-degree murder.

Thomas was found accountable of first-degree murder in February 2017. The trial took about six weeks. CCTV footage and cellphone data confirmed that he paid Michael to kill Kelley, which made the jury think about that he did it.

In April 2017, Thomas was sentenced to life in jail with out the opportunity of getting out. His conviction was upheld in 2019 after he filed a model new enchantment.

ABC News says that whereas they’d been participating in poker that evening time, Clayton requested a lady who was moreover there to let her use her cellphone. He made the choice about 90 minutes sooner than he purchased dwelling, when he came across that Kelley had died.

The police moreover came across that earlier that exact same 12 months, Clayton “doubled the amount of his wife’s life insurance.” They would moreover uncover out for sure that Clayton was relationship totally different women.

Where Is Kelley Stage Clayton Killer Michael Beard Today?

Michael purchased two 25-year sentences for second-degree murder and a life sentence with out parole for first-degree murder after he was found accountable.

He continues to be being held on the Auburn Correctional Facility in Cayuga County, New York. He is now spherical 41 years earlier.

Michael acknowledged that though Thomas employed him, it wasn’t to kill Kelley. He acknowledged that it was carried out so that the Clayton dwelling would catch fire and the insurance coverage protection money might be collected.

Thomas supposedly suggested Michael that the house might be empty, nonetheless Michael acknowledged he ran away when he observed Kelley lifeless on account of he was scared.

In November 2016, the jury didn’t think about his story and positioned him accountable of two counts of second-degree murder and one rely of first-degree murder.

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