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What is in the Briefcase in Ray Donovan: The Movie? Who Does it Belong To? Where is it in the End?

‘Ray Donovan: The Movie’ opens with a mysterious briefcase doing the rounds. Seen in the possession of the titular fixer’s father, Mickey, the leatherbound case is tracked for many of the movie by varied members of the Donovan household, together with Ray’s daughter Bridget.

There is clearly one thing exceedingly essential in the case, and Mickey’s involvement in the matter means (as it often does) that there is one thing fishy about it. So what’s actually in the briefcase, and who does it belong to in the first place? If these are the sorts of questions which have lingered with you since watching the film, enable us to clear issues up. Let’s check out the mysterious briefcase from ‘Ray Donovan: The Movie.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

What is in the Briefcase? Who Does it Belong To?

For the most half, the contents of the briefcase are described as “documents.” However, in one in all the movie’s early scenes, it turns into apparent that these paperwork are extraordinarily precious and that Mickey is attempting to promote them off at an enormous revenue. We additionally see Ray plant a monitoring chip into the briefcase so he can comply with it (and Mickey). Bridget later makes use of this tracker to seek out her grandfather and father in the movie’s explosive finale.

For extra particulars about how Mickey got here into possession of the case in query and who it belongs to, we should delve into ‘Ray Donovan’ season 7. The paperwork inside the briefcase are precious shares that belong to Jim Sullivan, Ray’s long-time former boss. When Ray finds out that Jim frequently molested his sister once they had been younger, the fixer steals the paperwork and asks Jim to gather them. When Jim arrives, Ray kills him as revenge for his sister, and the paperwork find yourself with Mickey. Though not confirmed, it is hinted that the worth of the paperwork in the briefcase is twenty million {dollars}.

Where is the Briefcase in the End?

After the disastrous tried handoff in which Ray follows Mickey and kills off the latter’s contacts, the father begins to panic. He calls the Sullivans, providing to promote the paperwork again for twenty-five % of the unique asking worth. Again, we don’t see the deal go down, however it looks like Mickey has a change of coronary heart and merely offers the case again to Molly Sullivan.

When Ray later arrives at the Sullivan resident, Molly emotionally tells him to take the briefcase since the cash is all he cares about. The titular hero refuses, and when Molly asks about her father’s whereabouts, he wordlessly turns to go away. However, simply earlier than Ray can get into his automobile, Molly shoots him in the stomach.

In the finish, the briefcase returns to its rightful proprietor or, to be exact, to the daughter of the rightful proprietor. Mickey is crestfallen when he learns that Ray left the briefcase with the Sullivans and tells his son that the cash must be his (Ray’s). However, the brooding hero seemingly desires nothing to do with the cash. The incontrovertible fact that Mickey additionally offers up on the briefcase reveals that the aged Donovan additionally realizes that the precious paperwork are extra bother than they’re price and have not directly prompted the deaths of a number of individuals since they had been stolen.

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