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What is the Meaning of the Station Eleven Title?

‘Station Eleven’ follows a nomadic troupe of actors often known as the Travelling Symphony in a post-apocalyptic world. Living in the aftermath of a lethal pandemic, the survivors and post-pandemic youngsters try and rebuild society in fragmented teams, giving rise to an intriguing new world.

Throughout the non-linear narrative, a couple of constant threads run by way of the story, exploring the long-term ramifications of particular concepts and philosophies. Perhaps most enigmatic of these is the titular graphic novel that the protagonists frequently quote, typically whilst gospel. So what does the title of ‘Station Eleven’ really imply? Allow us to elucidate. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Does Station Eleven Title Mean?

‘Station Eleven’ follows a layered, non-linear narrative that jumps between the onset and fast aftermath of the pandemic and the world twenty years therefore. As a baby, Kirsten is given a graphic novel titled ‘Station Eleven’ by the actor Arthur Leander shortly earlier than his loss of life. The novel is created by Miranda Carrol, who is the actor’s ex-wife and spent years engaged on the story. When she lastly finishes it, she publishes 5 copies of it, although we get to see solely two.

The graphic novel’s story is by no means fully revealed however solely offered in random excerpts. However, by the finish, it is doable to piece collectively that the narrative follows not less than two, probably extra, people (one of them being Dr. Eleven) who get misplaced in area after escaping by way of a wormhole. Finding themselves adrift in an odd galaxy earlier than ultimately making their manner again house is seemingly the arc of the graphic novel’s narrative, which turns into clear in the season finale. “Station Eleven,” because it seems, is the area station that the protagonists of Miranda Carroll’s ebook journey in.

Space journey is a far cry from the technologically primitive society that emerges after the pandemic. However, all through the present’s narrative, the graphic novel’s story reveals up at pivotal moments, making it clear that the ‘Station Eleven’ graphic novel is a symbolic parallel to the present’s story. Thus, very like the characters misplaced in area, the present’s protagonists (most notably Kirsten and Tyler) discover themselves in an odd world after surviving the pandemic. However, they ultimately discover their place in the new world, creating a brand new “home” for themselves.

Thus, the graphic novel, which the two protagonists incessantly learn (and know by coronary heart), primarily follows the similar story arc as their very own lives. In a wider sense, the story of the graphic novel appears to represent the expertise of all of humanity that has lived by way of the apocalyptic pandemic and is now re-emerging as a brand new society after going by way of an extended interval of being “adrift.”

It is additionally attention-grabbing to notice that Kirsten and The Prophet (Tyler) are the solely two characters that have the pandemic as youngsters, which makes them intermediaries between the “old” technology and the “post-pans” (these born after the pandemic). Kirsten and Tyler are additionally the solely ones which have learn the graphic novel at the starting of the present, however by the finish, each of them are seen sharing the story with others. Thus, the philosophies embedded in Miranda Carroll’s graphic novel unfold by way of the new world, making the position of the ebook all the extra pivotal.

Thus, ‘Station Eleven’ will get its title from inside the narrative itself and slowly unveils simply how vital the titular graphic novel is. The proven fact that “Station Eleven” is an area station additionally holds some parallels to Earth, which additionally floats by way of area, and (as is the case with humanity after the pandemic) carries a inhabitants of adventurers looking for their house.

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