Where Was Lifetime’s Snowed Inn Christmas Filmed? Is it a True Story?

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Directed by Gary Yates, ‘Snowed-Inn Christmas’ is without doubt one of the most celebrated Lifetime Christmas films ever. The romantic film follows Jenna Hudson and Kevin Jenner, two writers working in a New York journal, who inadvertently get caught in a vacation inn whereas touring for a writing project. While the change of plans forces them to remain on the inn, the polar opposites get nearer because the liveliness of Christmastime mellows their variations.

A quintessential vacation season watch, the film showcases the heat and purity of the competition that brings folks collectively. While the exuberance of Christmastide awakens concord between Jenna and Kevin, the audiences are launched to the fascinating city that witnesses their blooming romance. Inspired by the city’s fascinating enchantment and the heartening romance, now we have dived into the filming location, solid, and the genesis of the film. Let’s take a look!

Snowed-Inn Christmas Filming Locations

‘Snowed-Inn Christmas’ was filmed in its entirety within the province of Manitoba, particularly in Winnipeg. The filming mainly befell in September 2017. Even although the movie is about in Santa Claus, Indiana, town of Winnipeg stands in for the famed Christmas city. Now, let’s get into the small print of the particular location.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The glistening city that options in ‘Snowed-Inn Christmas’ is Winnipeg, the capital metropolis of Manitoba province. Centered on the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, town is without doubt one of the busiest cultural hubs in Canada, with festivals and celebrations of various types occurring everywhere in the 12 months. The metropolis of Winnipeg has unbelievable structure and well-designed city house, which is extensively filmed for the film.

Winnipeg can be a famend heritage middle with numerous folks and cultural celebrations occurring within the metropolis. The metropolis hosts annual occasions like Folklorama, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Festival du Voyageur, and so on. With numerous sports franchises and winter occasions, Winnipeg is an eventful and vigorous metropolis in Western Canada.

For the filming of the film, the manufacturing crew reworked the outlook of Winnipeg streets to match the enchanting enchantment of the vacation season. Using synthetic snow and different Christmas decorations, the exposures of the areas have been flawlessly transformed to captivate the audiences. The movie additionally options a few of the signature inside designs of town. Along with ‘Snowed-Inn Christmas,’ Winnipeg has hosted many common productions like ‘Nobody,’ ‘Alien Resurrection,’ ‘The Italian Job,’ ‘The Constant Gardener,’ and so on.

Snowed-Inn Christmas Cast

Bethany Joy Lenz and Andrew Walker seem as Jenna Hudson and Kevin Jenner respectively, the 2 writers with extraordinarily completely different natures who bond over Christmas. Bethany is thought for her efficiency as Haley James Scott in ‘One Tree Hill’ and Andrew is thought for his efficiency as Kristopher in ‘My Christmas Family Tree.’ The solid additionally consists of John B. Lowe (Christopher Winters/Santa), Belinda Montgomery (Carol Winters/Mrs. Claus), Tasha Smith (Simone Jenkins), Stephanie Moroz (Meagan Jenner), Aaron Radwanski (Eric Craig), and Jefferson Brown (Andrew).

Is Snowed-Inn Christmas Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Snowed-Inn Christmas’ just isn’t primarily based on a true story. The shifting romance of Jenna and Kevin is totally fictional. In an interview given to Kawartha Now, screenwriter Carley Smale shared the inspiration behind the film. “The idea came to me during a car ride through the country with my dear friends Katelyn and Chris James. We were spitballing ideas back and forth and the title ‘Snowed In’ was thrown out. I thought if it was spelled with the extra ‘n’ to make it ‘Snowed Inn’ it could be a really cute Christmas idea. The plot came easily for me once I had that title,” Carley mentioned.

Even as a fictional account, ‘Snowed-Inn Christmas’ depicts a relationship that could be very relatable. Jenna and Kevin’s extremities at the beginning of their companionship and the gradual development of their bond are very rooted in actuality. Furthermore, the film portrays the indeniable affect of Christmas in human lives, creating concord and heat amongst each other. At its core, the film tells a romantic story that displays actuality within the attire of fiction.

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