YouTuber Ethan Klein claims he has misplaced sponsors in H3 podcast episode


Fans are involved in regards to the way forward for the H3 podcast after Ethan Klein revealed that all his sponsors have backed out after his remarks directed on the LGBTQ+ group.

On a contemporary podcast episode, Ethan outlined that the solutions he made about “gay men” only some days in the earlier have angered followers, who’ve “taken it upon themselves to get rid of the sponsors”

The YouTuber furthermore issued an apology later as his solutions ruffled some feathers.

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Ethan Klein says he’s misplaced all his sponsors

In one among his newest episodes, Ethan talked about dropping all his sponsors as he thanked his members for assist all by means of this extremely efficient time.

He acknowledged: “Today we have no sponsors because I am an existential threat to gay rights and all progress. So, of course, our wonderful fans have taken it upon themselves to get rid of our sponsors and to have them not support us.”

“I am very thankful to our members. It makes this show kind of bulletproof to stuff like this, though it’s painful that people would do that,” he provides additional.

You can watch the video correct proper right here. However, it’s warned that exact language has been used.

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Podcaster apologizes for his remarks

Please Note: You’ve been warned in regards to the actual language used contained in the video.

This isn’t the primary time H3 Podcast has discovered itself in scorching water.

The podcaster’s remarks after his dialog with a caller all by means of an episode, who had opinions to share in regards to the LGBTQ+ group, had been seen as problematic.

The YouTuber has now issued an apology.

Ethan tweeted: “To my LGBTQ+ fans I am sorry for comments on today’s show. The sexualization of gay men & the grouping of tops & bottoms is a stereotype that I will be trying to unlearn.”

“Apologies to the caller too, who I shouldn’t have pressed inappropriately. Hope you guys know I always mean well,” he added.

Listeners react to YouTuber’s tweet

Ethan’s apology was met with quite a few reactions. Here are only some of them…

One said: “Almost like he reflected and realized he was wrong or something. Almost like he made a mistake and isn’t perfect. Weird, I know”

“Weird take because he’s constantly getting “cancelled “ and often is for not being progressive and liberal enough. Not sure who he is pandering to when over half his own community comes at him,” wrote one completely different.

Another viewer expressed: “I think he means people automatically assuming the worst and jumping to conclusions and accusations over absolutely anything when the whole point of the pod is it is supposed to be entertaining and comedic but people take it WAY too seriously.”

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